Like the little red roster,I wanna be your man baby girl. Want to make you come, because Rolling Stones gather no moss. Was thinking you like Billy Jean, you are not my lover, you just a girl who claims I am the one,who did dance,on the floor in the round. Your body did heal the world and at some moment while looking at the man in the mirror,I thought that they don’t really care about us and now am saying hold my hand,baby I promise you that I will do all I can,things will get better if you just hold my hand.

Responsibility on me so I am a champion, passion for my work, dedication because I am here to rock you. Give the world my best because I have a base. In the name of Jehovah,positive and definative thought at it’s best.

This is a massive attack, like Nicky Minaj,bees in the trap as we hit Katy Perry’s California girls. Pharrell knew No One Really Ever Dies, that’s inspiration for be your best and when you ‘drop’, mean deliver your work,you drop it like it’s hot, mean effectively and efficiently.

Social change range from Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X to Fidel Castro in Cuba,Queen Catherine in Russia to Sirleaf Jean in Liberia, Uhuru Kenyatta here in Kenya,to everyday matatu driver and the conductor, traffic police and fellow passengers and road users. The people in the market,on the streets and in the offices to those seated in Uhuru Gardens. I did forget to mention, initially, the population occupying the man made and machine assisted residences whom we meet when we come to rest – we all are leaders at different and individual level looking up for our perfect brother in heaven,Jesus Christ, while doing what we can in 24 hours and 12 months.

These are my thoughts as I ponder over the path took by Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Man sharpens man as you explore with youth agemates in the Bible and the culture I experience around me on a day to day basis. All said all the praise goes to God. I am a servant doing my duty,only you I fear so I follow the law of the land as laid in the constitution.

Am on a mission,to fulfill a vision, seen a lot on television, though through my eyes I envision, a world with all the people, assisting good and transmuting evil,using discernment crossing the line to enlightenment, Jesus Christ as the guide,living in truth,light and love,all our lives.

Snow white

Running through the woods of my mind’s like am Alice in wonderland, or like am Snow White, hoping that it’s alright, I have been on top of my game, reigning all day and all night, feeling like Snow White,when her evil step mother didn’t want her alright. Meeting with the dwarfs number 7, like the lords in the halls of amenti- 7, what I meant is,look within your self,that is where your health is,self care biz, from physical, psychological and emotional.

I had to believe that I am rich, because I know my Lord is, the I is, that how it is. Asking questions like ‘how will this be?’ instead of ‘ how can I be sure?’ talking about faith,have it small just like a mustard seed and when it grows, I know that I can move trees, even mountains, as Jesus said ask and you will receive.

Start writing,start writing,no longer consuming but producing, in sync with my self,true to myself like am out of the shelf. All in like I seen fairies aka godparents. Thinking like timmy turner, bout to wish for finer teeth. All in like the abyss, swallow up and not release, looking at the premordial world like a premordial mind, though in the present age and time.

Am curious to know,how she shows, how it’s supposed to go. Is love just for show?

Culture bound syndromes

An uncle of mine was called by his hometown friend to get a few drinks and catch up. He came from the meeting and fell ill. Soon enough he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver and despite doctors efforts and family prayers,he was not able to win the fight.

A suspect of the plot to poison my uncle, started being hysterical and experiencing hallucinations. It was a case of psychosis and the family proceeded to call it a case of witchcraft. They even had a scapegoat.

Without medical examination and without any form of treatment, the suspect health and sanity deteriorated to the point where feaces were dropped on basins for washing hands and hidden under the chair.

Family members distancing themselves left the suspect at a stage of paralysis where poop and urine came out without realizing hence the need of a caregiver.

Now in need of medical examination, it was found that she was experiencing a brain tumor that is in its last stages.

Another case is during last year’s initiation ceremony. The police who were in the region had not been educated on the cultural rites and taboos of the tiriki people.

A woman taking food for her initiate was stopped by the police who inquired about her not wearing a mask. According to tradition,she was not allowed to set down the food for the initiates from the house upto where the initiates were.

The police officers were insisting on her wearing a mask and she,seeing it counter productive to argue with them, set the food down and left to tell the elders.

When she left,the police officers opened the basket and seeing food, begun to eat. No sooner had the elders gotten word of the act of the police officers by the woman than the police officers involved begun to strip and loose their sanity.

Another case involved the pouring of ceremonial liquor by police officers in front of the elders. They got naked at the spot and started dancing to the local initiate music.

Hollywood Negus

Oh it figures, from hollywood came famous niggas and also famed Negus, see a lot has come and gone,in and out of the zone,seen some really strange things and others that I could ignore.

See before I snoozed or snore or to you become a bore, am legit in my way of interpreting fame. The stars do burn up, and the ones o the ground are always looking up;feeding on the light and the star dust. An average Joe has an advantage, see he fits everywhere and is capable of rising up to the occasion. Like the famed Jean Michael Basquiat, from middle class to homeless and to a star, from drawing on posters cards to selling framed art, it’s all in your mind,it’s all in how you start.

Hollywood fame does come at a price,and just like how much you want to be famous, that’s how much of the scars you have to carry. Looking at you burn up and get extinguished, change your alter ego so much like David Bowie.

And drugs an issue, seen it from Elvis Presley all the way to the beetles and if you looking at the present we got amy winehouse, eminem and elton john.

Inspirational music evolved from little Richard, I guess it all evolves when we look at the bigger picture but the masses all consume it, like Alfred Hitchcock movies, been to Jamaica inn on my way to Casablanca on the African Queen, black and white pictures on my screen. It’s a fantasy I live in,ever since the 1950’s when the hollywood buildings started setting the scene.

I spit verses based entirely on how my world is, weed is off the most dangerous narcotics list, by 2 December 2020, hindsite 2020,moving into 2021,protection from evil is a blessing. No debating,seated in 19/60,off the same neighborhood Khaligraph Jones lived in. I did meet a man,who told me how wealthy he is,no drugs just hard work and taking life as it is, inspirational.

Who rap a lot than a little bit, I am so into it,that I feel like I am pharaoh or menelik, it’s all a piece as I ryhme through these beats. Take you to history past,words of glass as I rhyme, am hoping you don’t get ulcers because of the chyme,leave rap alone I feel that feeling like am in the zone,voting as am hoping as I get a bonus of course,more than a boner, be wiser than your owner, it’s all in the corner as you spit rhymes on sloppy corner,whores around just about the corner. We talking Nyamavilla in Kayole where they near the church.

BBI on the news,curfew extension on the news, it’s all love as long as you ain’t the muse,hope you get amused as we move through the hood, watching cartoon series hoops while getting drunk off booze. Told myself it’s just weed,no more booze or cigarettes,ain’t even thinking about khat as even that’s on the way, my mind be afraid,though afraid of Jesus, have him on my mind like Kanye’s jesus piece, ain’t thinking bout masturbating as I already did that shit. Pray the Lord forgive me, I know I been shitty,been trana make up but I have been shifty.

Am I little of understanding or am I zoning out, I guess I am just a fool seeking to be ignorant.